PK Latinx (Pecha Kucha): What’s it all about?

This year’s summit includes several fast-paced presentations in the unique Pecha Kucha (Japanese: chit-chat) format. This engaging presentation style is comprised of 1 speaker, 20 slides and 20 secs (each slide) to tell a compelling story or present a topic to the audience.

Latinx Tech Summit Scholars are invited to submit an idea to present to the group and from those submissions 10 will be selected to present in rapid succession as a part of the LTS Summit Program.

Ok, pero, porque?

IT’S TO THE POINT: Each LTS Scholar is given the chance to show 20 slides, each of which is displayed for 20 seconds. More specifically, 10 individuals are given a total of six minutes and 40 seconds to speak about or showcase their passion project, share a career defining moment, or pose a question to the audience. PK Latinx provides the perfect opportunity for anybody that’s ever had a light bulb moment to illuminate the lives of others.

Latinx Scholars Take on the World through TECH: PK Latinx is being created to allow mid career technologist to meet, showcase and network. PK Latinx welcomes Latinx Tech Summit Scholars to present about anything that sparks their interest, and most people talk about their passion or creative projects. These short, yet powerful presentations inspire people to be brave, to stop procrastinating and attempt something they’ve been dreaming about doing for ages.

NETWORKING SESSION: During the halftime interval (or beer break), audience members are encouraged to ask the speakers questions or further discuss the topics. This dynamic networking concept gives Latinx Tech Summit Scholars from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas, and after the presentations mingle and interact with like minded peers they might not have met otherwise.

Ponte las pilas!

Have something to say?: The nomination process for this year’s Latino Tech Summit Scholars is now live! Apply or nominate a Latinx tech leader to attend and showcase their brilliant new idea or personal journey. Say it in English, say it in Spanish, or say it in Spanglish, but say it! Submissions are always open, and the Latinx Tech Summit Organizing committee will review the applications and select the most inspiring, challenging and, for some, life-changing presentations.

Tienes algo que compartir?

Do you have something you want to share with PK Latinx community, or simply want to school your peers? Click below and submit five visually arresting slides along with a 50-word description of your idea and apply to become a Latinx Tech Summit Scholar. Speakers are notified at least three weeks prior to the December 1st event.

PK Latinx Suggested Topic Areas (but not limited to).

  1. Diversity: The Final Frontier

    1. Speakers are invited to provoke and inspire emerging bodies of technology to collaboratively or as individuals, challenge the boundaries and lack of representation that currently limits innovation across the tech landscape.

  2. Todos Los Días Estoy Hustlin’

    1. Some people walk, or stand still. Latinos in tech hustle and by doing so, far outpace their peers in almost every walk of life. This is your moment to share the life changing/life altering art of the side hustle and how it has fueled your success.

  3. My life in Tech

    1. We will leave it right there. Your story, Your experience, your stage. Tell us how you got there, what it’s like to be there, what keeps you there, or why you left.

  4. Nuestro Futuro: Building the future for Latinos in tech

    1. What needs to change? What are you doing? What can we do? What have you done to empower future generations of Latinos in tech?

  5. Inclusion by design

    1. Calling all Latino graphic designers, user experience designers, multimedia artists and animators. Design in technology is incredibly important. Technology without design would mean nothing to everyday users. If people cannot access (or use) technology, it is essentially worthless. Design is the step that makes tech practical for everyday use by everyday people. Share your influences, your point of view, an exciting project, or a commentary about the importance of culturally responsive design in tech.

  6. Pick your own adventure (pero make it interesting) :-P